10 Ways to Avoid High Fees When Hiring a Professional Moving Company

10 Ways to Avoid High Fees When Hiring a Professional Moving Company

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Two men from a moving company in downtown Los Angeles, CA moving a couch

Moving from an apartment or house is a task that takes a lot of work and sweat so most of us get help from moving companies in our areas. Wheater, you’re relocating locally or long distances we as consumers, want a movers company that’s reliable, on time, and a cheap price. Movers companies will advertise moving specials but have hidden fees for almost every extra feature. Like, it’ll be extra for 10 or more boxes, boxes have to be 40 LBS or lighter if your home has stairs inside it’ll be an extra cost.

In this article, we have a way to keep the moving costs to an all-time low. The last thing you need is to find out you owe a lot more than you were anticipating, according to the Local Records Office. Below are a few fees you could see added to your bill if you are not careful.

1. Don’t Keep the Movers Waiting

Movers are going to charge you if they have to wait for you. Keep in mind that they do have other appointments and need to stay on schedule. If you are late then they will likely be late for their next appointment. Avoid extra fees by having everything packed and ready.

2. Don’t Stop at Multiple Places

Whether you need to pick up a dresser from your sister’s house or drop off that oversized sectional you are selling to a friend, every time the truck is parked to load or unload, you pay. Avoid paying extra fees by having the person who you’re selling the couch pick it up at the old house or apartment so the movers won’t have to move it.

3. Too Many Flights of Stairs

Tell your movers ahead of time how many flights of stairs they will be dealing with so they can provide you with an accurate quote. In some cases, one flight is typically included. If you live on the 30th + floor of an apartment in Downtown Los Angeles with no or out-of-service elevator expect some hefty fees.

4. Slow Elevator

You are probably thinking you should be getting a discount for the elevator. But it takes a lot longer to load and unload. In some cases, an elevator helps with heavy furniture but if the elevator is too slow or too small it causes more problems than it solves. Also, some elevators have weight limits that professional movers have to obey.

5. Avoid Packing and Unpacking

When a mover tells you they “can” pack things for you this is not an offer to do it for free. Also, if they use their supplies to wrap and protect your furniture, you are getting charged for this, too. A way to avoid this is to pack everything you won’t be needing and pack the things you might need last. This will prevent movers from opening boxes.

6. Shuttle Policy

Depending on the size of the U-Haul truck, they may not be able to drive it to a remote area or gated community. They will need to transfer loads to a smaller vehicle to get everything the rest of the way.

7. Far Parking Space

On your bill, this will show up as a “long carry” fee. If the movers have to park around the block or way back in visitor parking of an apartment property there will be a fee to carry everything the rest of the distance. This causes problems for the mover and the person who hired the movers since the distance takes more time and manpower.

8. Avoid Too Many Specialty Items

Unless you want a really large unexpected fee always disclose heavy and/or bulky items, such as a piano, safe, pool table, grandfather clock, oversized beanbag sofa, etc. They may not even be able to move these items if they don’t have adequate help scheduled.

9. Hoisting

Speaking of heavy and bulky items, sometimes, these things need to be hoisted or lowered. Especially if there is a narrow doorway, hallway, or stairway. The most common things that have to be hoisted are large pianos, sculptures and, heavy furniture.

10. Avoid Disassembling Furniture

Your movers will be happy to disassemble your furniture for an extra fee. When you get to your new place and they ask where you want the bed. Plan on paying an assembly fee if you have them handle it.

You want your moving day to go as smoothly as possible. To help ensure this favorable outcome, keep your movers updated, especially if anything on this list applies to you. This will help ensure you avoid surprises when it’s time to pay the high fees.