Alhambra, California – A former community college instructor was arrested in connection with his wife’s death –allegedly plunged to her death from a multi-story parking garage in Alhambra last week, was released Tuesday from jail.

“Prosecutors declined to immediately file a case against Russell Errett, 55, and asked for further investigation, according to Sarah Ardalani of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.”

Errett was arrested on Thursday in connection with his wife’s death, Hui Lui, 29, of Alhambra.

According to the Alhambra police, Errett called 911 after 1 AM on Thursday to report the woman’s fatal fall and their 3-year-old daughter was in a car in the structure at the time. The child was injured.

After police questioning the 55-year-old, saying that his story did not match up, they arrested him under suspicion of one count of murder.

Investigators are currently looking into “the possibility that the 29-year-old victim, Hui Li, was killed at a different location.”

Investigators also believe the daughter may have been a witness to the alleged killing.

According to the district attorney’s office, charges can still be filed at a later date.