The gym is an outlet for many people when it comes to managing stress, anxiety, and personal health. As the world currently undergoes a pandemic, being quarantined without gym access can make staying fit mentally and physically seem more difficult for gym lovers.

Larry Greenfield, a New York native, and fitness expert offers a helping hand on how to bring the gym home successfully. Below, he highlights methods on how to stay fit during the quarantine.

Take short and active breaks throughout the day

Keep your body moving and stay active in your home by taking short energetic breaks throughout the day. These several small breaks a day will add up to a physically engaging week. The World Health Organization (WHO) office based out of Europe suggests trying proactive and positive stimulating activities such as dancing by yourself or with family members, playing with children, or checking off chores like gardening and cleaning.

The WHO also suggests 150 minutes of moderate movement a week or intense workouts that total to 75 minutes per week. An amalgamation of both is just as effective, too

Go on a jog (safely)

Receiving our vitamin D from the sun is essential, and it is mentally unhealthy to keep yourself from daylight for too long. For the runners of the world, running in the sun seems so sweet at times like these. If you want to maintain your fitness stamina from running, be sure to do so safely and unselfishly.

There has currently been no surfaced evidence to show that you can catch the coronavirus while running outside. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned to avoid touching any surfaces that someone could cough or sneeze on to prevent further spreading of the virus or personal infection.

The CDC has not discouraged outdoor fitness, but they do encourage those exercising outside to be smart and aware of the precautionary practices such as social distancing and wearing a cloth mask that can be washed and sanitized daily.