NEW YORK CITY — Fitness buffs straining for New York City’s gyms to reopen got hit with some heavy news.

The city won’t be able to conduct health inspection on gyms before a Sept. 2 reopening deadline, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

It’s simply too close to the planned return to in-person classes in the city’s schools, he said.

“We’re going to work through how to balance that, but there’s no question in my mind, the most important thing we can do with our health inspectors is focused on childcare centers and schools,” he said.

De Blasio’s comment Tuesday capped a day of back-and-forth confusion over gym reopenings in New York City.

The day before, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced gyms statewide could reopen starting Aug. 24, provided they met strict safety standards — mandatory mask-wearing, 33 percent capacity limits, and health inspections — and opened their doors by Sept. 2.

But whatever celebrations gym owners and goers had in New York City got halted later Monday when the mayor’s office cast doubt on whether the city could meet the deadlines given a massive push to reopen schools

Hizzoner made the delay official Tuesday during his daily news conference. He did note, however, that the city hasn’t yet received the official guidance from the state and it appeared local governments had some discretion.

The city will move forward on inspections as quickly as possible, but schools take priority, he said.