PHILADELPHIA, PA — Nearly 200 people were arrested and more than $331,000 in drugs and cash were seized in a three-day sweep by the Philadelphia Police Department recently, authorities said.

Police announced Wednesday that a three-day joint enforcement initiative that focused on combating violence and crime in the city’s East Division resulted in 180 arrests and the seizure of $68,567 in cash, $262,640 worth of drugs, and 20 firearms. The East Division encompasses the 24th, 25th, and 26th districts.

During the sweep, which occurred between Jan. 23 and Jan. 25, officers made arrests; confiscated weapons and drugs; and continued gathering intelligence, police said.

Day one of the sweep focused on serving warrants and targeting specific drug locations. On Day two, authorities targeted drug sales in open air narcotics markets. Then on day three, police were in neighborhoods on bike patrols to prevent and discourage crime while engaging people in areas.

The effort was supported by several police department units and teams.

Police allege 87 of the adults were selling drugs, and accuse four juveniles of selling drugs; 59 people were arrested after allegedly buying drugs; 30 arrested for alleged prostitution.

Additionally, one person, Jose Vasquez, 23, of Philadelphia, was arrested in connection with a double homicide that occurred at Ella and Stella streets on Feb. 18, 2018.

Below are drugs seized, the amount seized, and the street value, according to police:

  • Heroin/Fentanyl

641.20 grams — $213,733

  • Crack

70.72 grams — $7,072

  • Cocaine

152.10 grams — $15,210

  • Marijuana

581.50 grams — $5,815

  • Hydro

462 grams — $9,240

  • Steroids

181 doses — $1,810

  • Codeine

25 ounces — $2,500

  • Hashish

677 grams — $6,910