Real Estate Agents and Brokers Are More Productive in a Positive Working Environment

Real Estate Agents and Brokers Are More Productive in a Positive Working Environment

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Real estate agents and brokers play a big part in the real estate market. They are the backbone that makes home sales and home buying possible. Therefore, the right working environment is necessary to maximize production. According to the Local Records Office in Los Angeles, CA, work production increases drastically when the right environment is provided for employees. Real estate firms both large and small are working towards creating a strong sense of community and pride amongst their agents.

Culture manifests in different forms and is created through a shared set of values. According to the Sloan Center on Aging and Work, employees are more productive and engaged when are able to balance work with other demands.

“When employees need to work from home for a few days because their children have the flu, give them the support to do that,” says the Local Records Office.

Stay possitive

There is a quote on my work calendar this month that I thought was relevant to this, “You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.” I changed the words from “can’t” to “don’t” and “if” to “when”, because the words “can’t” and “if” to me sounds fearful and is very contradictory to the quote, being that it is pertaining to fighting the battle of fear and “what lies ahead of you is more important than what is behind you” David K. Williams Chairman CEO and C-Level Leadership Coach in Sandy, Utah. Building a supportive environment with fleeting motivational incentives will yield diminishing returns.

Treat employees fairly

  • Avoid showing favoritism, because what applied to one should apply to all.
  • Promote an employee based on qualifications not because of a personal relationship
  • Post all job openings for all employees to see, instead of verbally, and that way employees will have an equal opportunity to apply for all open positions.
  • Listen and send the message that their opinion and by giving feedback shows that you are willing to have open ears, and not be the one to do all the talking.
  • Recognize and reward regardless of where the staff is on a hierarchical structure
  • Treat employees as equals and that’s okay to make the distinction between the fact you are management, however, do not make yourself superior.

Give feedback and ideasCommunication / Team Meetings

Even though it is sometimes challenging, regular team interaction is the best way to give feedback and ideas. This also gives you the opportunity to develop together with your team values, vision, or mission statements and gain buy-in from your team. This provides the foundation for team members to make decisions and be proactive in your company. Display them on your walls or put them on business cards as a reminder that you center on your team’s ideas.

Find employees that fit culturally with your firm

Consistency and regular catch-ups with team members are important to the degree that some are more comfortable with a one-on-one setting as well disciplinary feedback is better outside the team environment.
Finding candidates that fit culturally with your firm. Strong leadership impacts the business by making sound business decisions in the face of adversity and is what earns trust.

Assist the overall growth of your company

Handing out learning tools or resources of solid information engages the employees to work towards their goals and will help the overall growth of your company. It will build a foundation of knowledge and stamina in employees, as they tend to work harder.