Ways to Sparkle Up Your New Rental Apartment on a Budget and Make the Most Use of Your Space

Ways to Sparkle Up Your New Rental Apartment on a Budget and Make the Most Use of Your Space

This is for the apartment renters who want to make the most out of their apartment unit by remodeling it on a budget and using the most out of every space available.

Ways to Sparkle Up Your New Rental Apartment on a Budget and Make the Most Use of Your Space - Local Records Office
Couple painting their first apartment in downtown Los Angeles, CA – Local Records Office

First off, as renters there are do’s and don’ts rules you must follow, especially when you want that security deposit back. When you move, it is normal to want to make it your own. Though, when renting, you are capable of making changes that will cost you your security deposit.

Here are some low budget upgrades that your landlord hates and –ultimately will cost you.

1. Painting

Those creative color choices can be a headache to try and cover up.

2. Hanging Your Pictures

Pictures will leave drywall holes. Instead, try command strips instead of nails.

3. Hanging Curtains

The anchor holes needed to support curtain rods can be large.

4. Mounting a Television

Use a stand instead and avoid drilling into studs or dropping your flat screen.

5. Planting a Garden

Landlords want less hassle. And landscaping adds a lot more upkeep.

6. Updating Appliances

Keep the old unit and replace it when you move out. Making changes to your apartment to make it yours is a big deal, especially when you first walk-in and realize the amount of space you are working with.

Here are a few ways you can update your rental on a budget, and will give you that extra storage you need:

Replacing out fixtures, such as faucets or shower heads can be an easy repair and make your appliance have a whole new look.

Your kitchen faucet for an example,

  • Make sure configuration of your new faucet lines up with the sink. Hardware stores offer faucet hole covers if the new faucet leaves holes exposed.
  • Shut off water valves
  • Remove the nuts to the supply lines of existing faucet and remove the faucet.
  • Install the new faucet, then reconnect and secure the supply lines.

DIY on a Budget

It’s even easier to replace your shower head. Usually it is as easy as unscrewing the old one and wrapping some Teflon tape around the nozzle, then screwing on the new head. Just read the instructions, because some can actually leak if you add the tape. Small details that are simple, but go a long way in making your rental feel personalized.

  • Install new door handles, or knobs
  • Cabinet handles, knobs, or pulls often come in a pack of 25, and are less than $30.
  • Toilet seat are typically $25-$30, and being the first person to sit on your seat? Priceless.
  • Toilet paper holders: Is a super easy swap and can go a long way in upgrading your bathroom.
  • Light switch plates: Any electrical upgrade requires you to turn off the power supply. Other than that, installing a new light switch is an incredibly simple process.

Lighting makes a huge impact. Consider the room’s function before picking out a fixture and a type of lighting.

  • Remove the old fixture and use a circuit tester to make sure the electricity is completely turned off
  • Locating the white (neutral), black (power), and green or bare (ground) wires and remove the wire nuts
  • Attach these wires with wire nuts to the new fixture
  • Secure the new fixture to the ceiling or wall

The best part is that when you move, you can take these fixtures with you. And overall mixing up your atmosphere will make your apartment feel more-like a cozy home in a cost-effective way.

Expanding Your Rental to Make the Most Use of a Small Space

For extra storage purposes, buying furniture will double duty, such as an ottoman storage bench, a loft-bed workspace or even a small kitchen island with shelving units underneath, will optimize your space making it less cluttered. When you do not have a lot of cabinet space, cabinet shelves cost $15 and is an easy way to instantly add storage. Similarly, to this, build a roll-out pantry next to you fridge or a tension rod for your spice rack.

Add a fresh coat of paint to make your rental look and feel sparkly new. Keep it to three colors maximum, and the general rule of thumb, is two bold colors, with a third color that is neutral. Start by choosing the bold color, and play off of it. I believe taking these small measures will give you a larger outcome and can go a long way in making your apartment more personalized.