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The Top 5 Worst Things About Moving

Many people just love moving and they usually have a hard time staying in one spot for long. These nomadic types must be surfaced military brats or have a couple of quarts of gypsy blood jogging through their veins. But for the average person who rarely moves, relocation could feel traumatic. Here are the top 5 worst things about moving:

1. Leaving Friends and Family Behind

Let’s face it, moving sucks and to make things worst it’s hard to leave behind best friends, neighbors, co-workers and family members once you move to another city, state or country. While there will be new bonds made in the new location, old friends are golden. The best way to handle this is by making plans for regular calls, FaceTime, letters, and travel will help to keep the connection alive. Long distance calls aren’t expensive anymore and a lot of mobile plans offer free roaming.

2. Leaving a Home and Neighborhood that You Are Used too and Love

A house and neighborhood frequently has many lovely memories of fun times. Perhaps this is the house where you first brought home your new baby or where your child took his first steps. It’s important to remember that a family’s special memories are a result of the people and their feelings for each other, not the drywalls, floors and garden. The next home will likely be filled with wonderful times, as well.

3. Changing Schools

It can be a difficult thing for a youngster to leave their classmates and teachers behind, especially if they’ve attended the same school for quite some time. Letting your child put together a scrapbook will help them preserve some of the visual recollections. Give them a disposable Digi-Cam or two to take photos of all their favorite classrooms, friends, and lecturers. Glue the photos and memorabilia and send them off with their last days of school with colorful ink pens to ensure that all their friends can autograph this book. This will be an excellent way to stroll down memory lane while adjusting towards the new locale.

4. Finding a New Dentist and Family Doctors

How will you know how to find the best health care providers in a new location? The best way to do this is by getting word-of-mouth recommendations from neighbors and co-workers near your new address. Remember, if you don’t like a new health care provider after you’ve gone for a consultation, you can always switch to another person after getting more referrals.

5. Finding a New Hairdresser or Barber

While hairdressers and barbers are certainly not life or death support system, it’s nice to have someone that you trust and knows what you like. Many people get attached to their stylists for the simple fact that they have been going to them for so long. While it may not be a great time for a major style change, trying a hairdresser out for a trim may be beneficial. These are some from the worst parts of moving, but all are manageable. With a bit involving perseverance, everyone will eventually accommodate to his or her new home.