What Nobody Tells You About Living in a Studio Apartment

What Nobody Tells You About Living in a Studio Apartment

Some call it a studio apartment others call it a single apartment and even a bachelor apartment, whatever you call it, it’s one of the smallest apartments for rent in the United States, according to the Local Records Office in Bellflower, California. Studio apartments usually consist of a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and sometimes a hallway. The single apartments or studio apartments are unusually the most affordable apartments in most cities. Since singles are the cheapest they are also the smallest.

Some of these apartments consist of a single open space. The majority of people who live in studio apartments are usually single people who want to save money or don’t have extra income in something bigger. A wide variety of apartment buildings consist of these 3 renting units; studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and others even have a 3-bedroom, with the studio being the smallest and cheapest.

Many landlords usually only let 1 or 2 people live in these units. However, some state laws are strict on how many people could live in a unit at one time due to limited living space. Studio apartments allow or require you to do all your living, eating, daily activities, and sleeping in one room, that’s why it’s called a single.

What Are the Advantages of Studio Apartments?

Renting a studio has many advantages, one of them being able to rent an apartment without a roommate. Another advantage is being able to rent an apartment in a good or decent area without settling for a bad or undesirable neighborhood. The third advantage is since you the apartment is smaller the monthly utility bills will be cheaper; a smaller place will be cheaper to heat in the winter and cool in the summer.

The fourth benefit is only an advantage to some, since the apartment is much smaller than other apartments the renter has to do much less cleaning; cleaning will be much faster while bigger places will take much more effort and time. Every size unit has its advantages and disadvantages, some being size while other is monthly rent.

What Are the Challenges to Renting a Studio Apartment?

Some renters claim there are few challenges or disadvantages to renting a studio apartment since it’s so small. The challenges come when a couple is having a baby and needs more room. Derek Smith a sophomore at California State University, Fresno lives in a small town in northern California says,

“While living in a studio apartment as a single man in my early 20’s with minimum responsibilities was the best time of my life, I was paying cheap rent, the bills were low, and I had extra income left to go out and eat out whenever I wanted,” says, Derek.

University students like Derek are only a few of millions who enjoy living in a studio apartment. Derek also mentioned that his biggest challenge was living there for many years since the walls seemed like they were closing in.

A few studio apartments lack storage space but some apartment buildings offer garages for extra storage and to give the renters a place to park their car.

Even though a studio apartment is the smallest and the cheapest, landlords still need to verify income and credit score. If a potential renters credit score is low a 2 to 3 months security deposit may be required. Some landlords require the renter to make 2 to 2 1/5 times more of what the monthly rent is.

Is Renting a Studio Apartment Worth It?

This really depends on who is renting the unit. If it’s a university student that doesn’t earn much like Derek Smith from CSU Fresno, a studio is definitely worth it. Other people who benefit from a studio are couples who are saving money for a house. Couples could rent for cheap while saving their extra income.

Renting a studio apartment is not worth it to families with more than 2 members since there is only limited space for each person. Kathy Williams from Fullerton California says,

“I lived in an apartment building where all the units were singles, my next-door neighbors were Mexican and 6 of them lived in there at the same time, I don’t know how they did it but they did”

For people like Kathy’s neighbors, a single apartment unit is definitely worth it. Some people decide to live with many people to get back on their feet, while others can’t afford anything else.

Are All Singles The Same?

Single units are made to give people options to where they want to live and what they could afford. A single isn’t always cheap, there are some singles in downtown areas that are so pricey that the monthly rent is more than some 3 bedrooms apartments in the middle of town, it all depends where it’s located.

Location plays a big part in the apartment and home prices. The majority of studio apartments that are located in downtown areas or metropolitan areas are in high demand for the view and or location so people are willing to pay more. Inflation will also play a part in how much renters will be paying every month.