10 Small Apartment Storage Ideas to Optimize Your Rental Space

10 Small Apartment Storage Ideas to Optimize Your Rental Space

Storage and arrangement are some of the areas that pose the greatest challenges to apartment renters and even homeowners.

10 Small Apartment Storage Ideas to Optimize Your Rental Space - Local Records Office
Organized storage space in the living room – Local Records Office

Your bedroom is where you find peace before settling down to watch a movie or to relax in your bed before that long good night’s sleep …or is it? Ideally, those hidden dust mites under your dresser and clothes toppled all over your bed are not paradise. So here is a guide to help you declutter and get on top of turning your room into an oasis where you can get that better night’s rest!

Declutter and organize your room with creative storage


Pull out everything hidden in those drawers and clear everything out as possible. Only keep the things you need: a lamp, and a coaster for your glass of water, and keep this space as clear and clean as possible to set the tone for a good night’s rest.

Also, a great way to hide clutter is to have a pretty dish or a box to hold your essentials. And if you like reading before bed, keep a basket for your books or magazines on the floor or store them under the bed.

Dresser drawers

Pull out all your items and the stuff you haven’t worn and throw them in a donation bin. Look at anything that is stained or needs repair and throw it in your to-do bin. Get rid of that holey underwear and ditch those stockings with runs. Donate everything that does not fit you right now.

Fold everything and put it all away, use small containers to divide your clothes and especially those socks and undies to keep them neat. This also makes it easier to maintain a new tidy lifestyle. Also, tidiness in stacking clothes standing up versus vertically lets you see everything you have at once.

Then clear everything off the top of your dresser, and consider hanging photography instead of frames. Put little things in dishes or boxes that can create a decorative space. Dangle your jewelry on pegs rather than having to untangle it.


When things get out of hand you may start storing things under your bed, and when it gets out of hand, you may be kicking yourself later. So use this space wisely by storing things in a storage bin in the same category.

Closets and Clothing

The best way to go about this is by decluttering based on clothing type. Start with shoes, boots, then dresses, and then denim, etc.

Once you have gone through all your clothing, put anything away that was in the wrong spot, and put dirty laundry in your hamper or take it to your laundry room. Anything needing repair should go to the tailor or dry cleaner. And take donations to either a consignment store or a donation center.

Bathrooms vs storage

Medicine Cabinet

Take all the items out and declutter by throwing out old medicine, makeup, and skincare. When you put everything back, store everything you need by keeping it at eye level.


Dump everything out of the drawers, by doing the same thing, and as you give a quick evaluation, remove things you no longer need. Put the items back into their drawers, by making sure you are moving the items you use the most in the top drawers.

Shower and tub

Do the same thing around your bathroom sink as well as around the shower and tub, and declutter all the items.


Making your entryway clean and decluttered regularly is based on how functional it is. So go through the drawers and declutter, organize, and keep it down to the basics. Go over the tops of you each desk and make space where everything is accessible or not too crowded. This will enable you to get out of the door easier and able to find your keys.

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Keeping your kitchen kept clutter-free can be a real challenge. Especially with the time we spend cooking and using so many tools to store. Focusing on one item at a time (cutting boards, glassware, utensils, bakeware) or going by the zone, allows you to assess each item and decide on what is useful.

Living Room

This is the room that gets a lot of use and is the hardest to keep clutter-free on a daily basis.

Step 1: Decide on permanent storage for commonly used items, such as remotes magazines, and books

Step 2: Declutter regularly

“Start with bookcases, consoles, and side tables, and then move on to your coffee table, and entertainment center. Put books away, action mail, and put everything in its proper place”

Electronics that are not connected or working, like gadgets and gaming equipment, can be put away or put in the designated spots where you use them. Grab your Put Away box and put items that need to go back to another room or to its storage space.