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How to Get Ready for the Movers When Moving

If you have decided to downsize to a smaller home across town, you’ll incorporate some work to do before calling inside movers. When deciding on moving companies allow quotes, they base the estimates on your own current belongings. An estimator will typically show up at your house with a checklist, clipboard, pen, and a calculator. Upon arrival, this individual will go from room to room within your house in order to see what you have so that the company can plan for bins, workers, and truck size. These estimators will appear in every nook and cranny including closets, drawers, and under the bed. If you’re planning to weed out the belongings from your four-bedroom house so that they’ll integrate into your new two-bedroom townhouse on the reverse side of the city, you should do it before the estimator occurs, but where do you begin?

Moving is Overwhelming, Let the Movers do the Rest

It may be an overwhelming task to decide which room is first. An easy way to do that is to start and move through the house in a left to right cycle. Enter the first room left of your front door. Maneuver the room from left and move right, while sorting items into boxes you will have to label them: throw away, for charity, and to sell in a garage sale. Leave the items you prefer to transport to your new property. The movers will take care of the rest. When one box is full, tape it up and move it to the garage or back porch and continue the method by replacing it with an empty one. When one room has been sorted, move to the next one in the clockwise fashion until it’s all done.

Movers vs. Boxes

Now that you have full, taped-up boxes on a corner porch or in your shed, you can take items labeled “trash” to the dump. You can put the charity items in the trunk of your car; you can take them to Goodwill the next time you’re out. Decide what day is best for a garage or yard sale and go ahead and advertise it. What doesn’t sell in the garage sale can be moved to the “throw away” pile or the trunk for the ride to the thrift shop. Once this process has also been completed, you’re ready to contact the movers.

Sorting through belongings can be overwhelming if some self-care isn’t done simultaneously. Having a friend or loved one that can help with the process is an excellent idea. Scheduling manicures, massages, or dinners out at favorite restaurants can grant you some things to expect at the end of these kind of busy days of paring lower and packing up. If you make time to pamper yourself during the proses, you’ll be energetic and optimistic as you leave behind your old address and hello on your new one. On move-in day make sure to pack additional boxes of goodies for that first night so it’s not necessary to search for things. Make sure to pack a few of your favorite things including the PJs, slippers, a towel together with washcloth and soap, some bubble shower, and a bottle of wine. Congratulations! You did it.